Haoma™ Velvet Stool - Bordeaux Red

$299.99 $499.99

Our upholstered stools HAOMA™ are real all-rounders.

They are ideal for use as a piece of furniture, but they can also be perfectly staged as decorative elements in any room.

HAOMA™ - We love our little upholstery stool! Not only because of its size HAOMA™ can perfectly position itself in every room. Also its low weight invites to experiment, since this stool can be easily moved back and forth.

The time of velvet and Prince de Galles fabric is over? Oh no! Believe us, it has just begun.

This fabric has a particularly good effect in combination with metallic elements. What a coincidence - HAOMA™ combines both! The brass-colored, stainless element gives the upholstered stool an elegant look.

We pay attention to quality