Azura Dinnerware Set


Dine in style with our Azura Dinnerware Set, it will light up your meals! 

Combine your purchase of Plates with our Sentona Cutlery to enhance the experience. 

Set includes:

 4 Pieces Set:

1 X 10.5 Inch Plate
1 X 8 Inch Gold Plate
1 X Cup
1 X Saucer

 8 Pieces Set:

2 X 10.5 Inch Plate
2 X 8 Inch Gold Plate
2 X Cup
2 X Saucer

16 Pieces Set:

4 X 10.5 Inch Plate
4 X 8 Inch Gold Plate
4 X Cup
4 X Saucer

Only for sets: If you would like to have the 10 inch plate in the golden version instead of the 8 inch plate, write to customer service after you have ordered.


  • Gilded border
  • Style: creative design
  • Usage: Fancy Gift & Perfect tableware for Dinner
Are you looking for dinner plates?

Look no further our Ceramic dinner set plates are perfect for you. Our brand-new, modern porcelain pattern plates are hand-glazed in a elegant design

Elegant Style: Simple yet timeless Ceramic dinner plates with a conventional style and attention to detail that frames the food on your table well.

Functional Design: Whatever the way you dress up your table, the simple, functional design is easy to coordinate with other shapes and colors.

Perfect for all occasions: Best for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Dinner Parties, Weddings, Housewarming, Home cook, Takeout, Pizza Delivery, BBQ, and Gatherings.


Sturdy: sturdy build for comfortable everyday use

Great gift: Best gift for family and friends. Everyone will appreciate it.

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